Constructability/Design Review and Evaluation: Work with the architect and their consultants during the design phase to analyze alternate construction systems and materials.

Cost Reduction Plan: Make recommendations with respect to costs, possible economies, and construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, and time requirements for installation.


Staging & Phasing Strategies: Develop a detailed strategy to accommodate the excavation, shoring, construction staging, on-site material storage and general day-to-day construction traffic relative to the on-going operations of the existing facility. Develop labor disruption avoidance strategies.


Complete Project Schedule Preparation & Maintenance: Prepare and maintain a comprehensive overall project schedule that covers both design and construction phase and develop a cash flow analysis in conjunction with the schedule. Update regularly as the project progresses, defining the critical path and key actions needed to expedite work.


Detailed Cost Estimating Services: Prepare and submit detailed construction cost estimates at schematic design phase, design development phase and 50% construction documents phase. Review with owner and architect.

Value Engineering Analysis: Conduct a value engineering analysis of building systems and components at each updated cost estimate based on Owner’s project requirements and priorities.


Document Quality Reviews and Coordination: Preparation of subcontractor bid packages including detailed Instructions to Bidders. Preparation of pre-qualified subcontractor lists. Major subcontractor trade negotiations. Develop early bid packages for long lead equipment and materials.

Subcontractor Bid Solicitation: Obtain bids for each sub-trade for the review and approval of Owner.